Golf Simulator

Indoor Golf Simulator in Massachusetts

Play the most elite courses with our state-of-the-art indoor Trackman golf simulator. This virtual golf software enables you to play over 40 different courses from all around the world in the comfort of our private studio in the Boston area. Available to use on your own or with up to four players.

Get serious about your game – or just have a little fun

We have upgraded our Simulator to Trackman technology, offering the best graphics in the industry as seen on TV. Even if you’re not a serious golfer, you can get a little practice and enjoy elite courses around the world right from the Boston area, using our virtual golf software. Call 978-750-4653 to book our private climate-controlled studio and have some fun with friends. Enjoy snacks delivered from our clubhouse. The studio is equipped with a fridge and a high-definition flat screen TV for keeping up with the outside world (if you want to).

Simulator News For The Season

  • We have upgraded our private simulator space.
  • We have new lighting, paint color and a new projector.
  • We added the All New TruFlight Camera System – TruFlight uses Two speed digital cameras to capture stereo images of the moving golf ball.
  • These images are processed instantly with our exclusive Imaging Analysis software to determine speed, launch angle, ball direction and more.

Simulator Rates

    Trackman Simulator Pricing: $40 per hour – available 8am-9pm. Play a course or practice using the Trackman Technology.

    (Rates Cannot be combined with other offers)

    Join us at Paradise Family Golf, located on Boston’s North Shore.