Driving Range

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Grass, Covered & Heated Golf Tees with Fairway Target Greens

Paradise Family Golf driving range offers something for everyone from the first time golfer to a seasoned player. We provide a perfect place to practice as well as the person looking for a fun activity. Come hit a bucket of balls and aim for our floating islands or the fairway targets from 38 matted tee stations. We also have 15 natural grass tees and a chipping and putting area to work on your short game.

Our Driving Range features include:

  • Natural grass tees – Practice your fairway woods and irons on 15 natural grass tees. We also have 38 tees with mats.
  • Fairway targets – Why just hit balls without something to aim at? Hitting at a target measures and improves your accuracy.
  • Our driving fairway has target greens at various distances to help you improve your distance and accuracy.
  • Covered/heated tees-Rainy golf day? Come to Paradise and practice. We have 12 covered tees which are heated in the winter season.

The North Shore’s Only Floating Island Golf Greens

Are You Afraid Of The Water? Whether you want to practice hitting over the water, to the island greens, or just see the big splash when your golf ball hits the water, Paradise Family Golf offers unique and fun challenges you won’t find anywhere else in Massachusetts.

  • We have three floating greens at different distances. The largest, and the favorite of golfers is 130 yards.
  • We use special, high quality golf balls that (our customers say) feel and fly like real golf balls. They float of course, so we can retrieve them.
  • You can simulate situations where you really need to play “target” golf, and train yourself to ignore the hazard.

Rates for Buckets of Range Balls

Please note: the clerk will ask if you are going to use the pond or fairway driving area. This is so that we can give you the proper range balls. You must not use fairway balls in the pond area because they do not float and cannot be retrieved. If you decide you want to use the pond, bring your bucket in and we will replace any unused balls with floating balls. Thank you.

Regular TeesGrass Tees
Small Bucket$6.00N/A
Medium Bucket$9.00$11.00
Large Bucket$11.00 $14.00

We Have the Only All Year Golf Training Room North of Boston!

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Driving Range Specials and Discounts

Monday-Friday: 8-11 am: 2 buckets for the price of 1 (For Mats only!)
*Monday-Friday specials are not available on weekday holidays

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